E-Procurement Forum „E-procurement – Finnish experience, Polish and European future

E-Procurement Forum „E-procurement – Finnish experience, Polish and European future”, is a meeting dedicated to exchange of experiences between both countries within digitization of public institutions in relations with business.

In the first part Minister of Housing and Communications Krista Kiuru and Minister of Administration and Digitization Michał Boni will discuss about challenges and future of common Europe in the era of developing digitization.

In the second part André Hoddevik, the Secretary General of OpenPEPPOL, who will be our special guest, will familiarize us with the European project PEPPOL and digitization of public procurement. Further, specialists on e-procurement, among others Keijo Kettunen from Finnish State Treasury, will discuss about models of digitization in public procurement, challenges, benefits for business and best practices in this area


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100% of all enterprises and households receive invoices from the public sector

45-65% of all companies are suppliers for the public sector and send invoices to its administration

Public sector is responsible for 15-18% of all purchases made in a country



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